Il Gioco del Ponte, Pisa

This famous contest takes place in Pisa on the last Sunday in June every year with the  opening at 4pm and the actual contest starting at 6pm.

“The Gioco del Ponte is a historical re-enactment, where elements of folklore fuse with the proud warrior tradition of the town’s ‘clans’, who fight for possession of the bridge, no longer with maces shields and ‘targoni’ (an instrument in wood still carried by the combatants during the procession, it is offensive and defensive at the same time, spreading out and rounded off at the top, sharp and pointed at the bottom) but challenging each other in a trial of strength which consists in pushing a heavy trolley (seven tons) set on tracks fifty metres long. The final victory goes to the Party which has won the greater number of battles, pushing the trolley into the enemy field and knocking over the staff with the banner with the colors of the enemy party.”


Come and stay at Villa Michaela for this historical spectacle and at the same time explore the city of Pisa, the famous walled town of Lucca, its wine route, shops, markets, and the nearby beaches of Versilia.

-Transfer from Pisa airport to Villa Michaela and back for a minimum of 4 people. Welcome
canapes and drinks on arrival.
-Transfer to Lucca  station for the  trip to Pisa ( impossible to drive or park on this day !)
Three days minimum stay
-Euros 200 per night  in a double room with en suite bathroom for 2 people including breakfast

-Suites euros 250 per night .

We suggest you arrive at least the day before the event to settle in.

To enquire further and book your stay contact the owners via the enquiries page.

For more information on the festival click here.